Hypnotherapy for Children

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hypnotherapy for children
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It is such a joy to work with children. Problems can sometimes be resolved in just a few sessions as children do not have the emotional baggage of adults.  From birth to the age of seven children’s brains are like sponges. They want to taste everything and try anything. They believe everything that you tell them. We all believed in Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny right?

This is why it’s so important to think about what you say and do around your child/ren. They want to be like you, so they copy your actions and the things you say. The same goes for when they go to school, college, and university. They may feel out of their depth. Sometimes bullied. They may worry about their self-image or maybe create anxiety making them feel they may let you down if they fail in their exams.

Will they tell you what’s troubling them? Sometimes, they do, but then do you really understand? Does anyone? It can sometimes be easier talking to an unbiased stranger. A therapist who is bound by a code of ethics to keep everything private and confidential (unless they are likely to cause harm to themselves or others).

Bereavement is something that can affect children immensely.  You may be caught up in your own grief and not realise that your child is grieving just as much as you are over losing their grandparent, friend, or family pet.

Having a stressed or troubled child has a knock on effect and upsets you and the rest of the family.  When they can relax so can you.

It’s so wonderful to see a child get their sparkle back so quickly and become the child you know and love again.

Hypnotherapy can help your child make sense of things in a gentle, nurturing and supportive way. It gives them confidence to say what they want and enables them to achieve much greater success than they ever thought possible.

If your child’s issue is not listed here please contact me to have a confidential chat to discover how hypnotherapy can help your child.



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