Life Changes

Make your life happen on purpose!

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Do you want to make your life happen on purpose?

We have changes that happen all throughout our life.  Sometimes we make those changes, like getting married or having a baby.  Sometimes changes are enforced upon us that we didn’t really want such as getting made redundant or your partner having an affair.

It’s at times like this we may feel overwhelmed, tearful, angry or anxious.


How counselling and hypnotherapy can help you

As human beings we don’t really like change.  We like routines and  when we have routine we feel able to cope.  When life changes happen such as a death of a parent or a divorce you may still be able to cope.  If you could anticipate them happening you feel more in control.  But if things as they sometimes do, happen one after the other you may feel totally out of your depth and feel anxious.  This is when extra support can be of huge benefit to you. Making you realise that perhaps there is nothing you can do to change things and help calm you and give you the courage to move forward and focus on your future and where you want to go and be who you want to be.

Together we can work out what is in your control and what power you have to accept and make those changes for you.


Set yourself free

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