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Your kind words about The Spirit Within

I would like to thank everyone for their many testimonials. There are far too many to list, however here are a small selection.

If you would like to know more please call me and I can advise you on the best therapy for you and tell you of it’s many benefits to your health.

I highly recommend this lady. Having never tried hypnotherapy I was not sure what to expect, but I had every trust in Deborah from the moment I heard her voice. I was a bit skeptical about it, but was very pleasantly surprised by the whole experience, it was nothing like you see on these TV shows, nothing wacky or weird about it. I found it to be deeply relaxing, my sessions with Deborah has changed my life, my friends all noticed the difference in me. I am happy about my life but more importantly about who I am, I discovered so much about myself. My confidence and self esteem has been restored and the emotional baggage I had been carrying all my life disappeared completely, its great to be free of all that. A Big Thank You Deborah!

Hypnotherapy for confidence

This lady had her work cut out for me when i arrived at her door for the first time… I was damaged, hurting, incredibly destructive and felt i was beyond help.

Fast forward 3 months and i don’t feel like a different person… I feel like a BETTER person! Deborah has helped me let go of some really disturbing parts of my past, helped me find my inner self and helped me learn to believe that my past does not have to define my future. She saved me from a further 30 years of hurt and pain for which i am eternally grateful and she has honestly changed my life for the better!!

I could not be more grateful for the time and patience given to me through this process and would totally recommend The Spirit Within for any kind of troubles one may be experiencing in their life. Deborah is a calm, kind and caring lady with a ton of empathy for whoever she is spending her time with meaning you will feel incredibly looked after.

I really could not recommend The Spirit Within more and could not be more grateful, thank you so much!

Testimonial – Hypnotherapy for overcoming childhood neglect and sexual abuse

A few months ago I reached a point when life had worn me down & a childhood trauma started to raise its ugly head again, leaving me feeling anxious, un-confident & lost. Although I had tackled it in the past with other therapies & had made some progress, I felt that it was time to try something new, so decided to give hypnotherapy a go after hearing Deborah speak at an event.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but 9 weeks on I can honestly say times (or should I say ‘things’) – they are a-changing! For the better of course.

With a mix of talking, several recorded audios to listen to at home, a little bit of ‘homework’ & the weekly hypnotherapy sessions, I have definitely started to notice a shift in my energy & a change in my outlook. Not only that, I am taking action in areas of my life that are important to me whereas before my sessions I was really struggling with.

I had a few ‘aha!’ moments during our discussions & some interesting experiences during my actual hypnosis, but I felt supported & safe at all times & genuinely came away feeling calm & relaxed even if the subject matter had been difficult.

I am looking forward to my continued ‘healing’ & am excited for what the future holds. Thank you Deborah – I am so glad I met you.

Testimonial – Hypnotherapy for childhood sexual abuse

All went well and my baby was born on the 14th, three days early. It was a much calmer experience – when I arrived at the hospital the midwife couldn’t believe how relaxed I was considering I was fully dilated!! I think the hypnobirthing must of helped me a great deal as it kept me focused 🙂 I went in at 7.00am and was back home by 1.30pm!!! Hope your well. Many thanks

Hypnobirthing for second baby

Just a quick email to say many thanks for your help in overcoming my issues with flying. I have found the sessions to be extremely beneficial and rewarding. I was impressed that the sessions were tailored to my specific needs after a detailed consultation. I really felt you understood my personal circumstances fully. As you know, I needed to look at my issues with flying as this was becoming a regular need at work. Now, I have managed to make no fewer than 10 flights which is fantastic – I’m so pleased I have managed these with no problems! I will obviously have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone with similar difficulties that is looking for personalised service with a professional, yet understanding, therapist. Thanks again.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

Just had another Reiki healing session with the lovely Deborah Baxter, also completed a course of hypnotherapy recently, which was amazing. Deborah has the magic touch and has transformed my life completely, I am sure she was sent to me by the angels to look after me. I am so much happier and content with my life, regardless of what I have to deal with. Some of my friends now go to her after seeing the difference she has made in me, so if you think you could benefit from Deborah’s service check out her website and make an appointment.

Reiki for terminal cancer

The seating felt comfortable and the room was warm. I felt well supported. I was aware my body was relaxing and the method used by Deborah was effective.

Hypnotherapy for driving on motorways

I worried about my health, but more importantly what my smoking was doing to my children. I did not want to set them a bad example by smoking. Thank you Deborah! It’s been months since I have given up and I feel so much healthier and happier.

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking

After receiving my first hypnotherapy treatment, I was amazed at how confident I felt, and after having a further two sessions I felt like my old self again. Thanks Deborah.

Hypnotherapy for confidence

I felt I needed a miracle. You are my miracle. I always feel so much better when I have spoken to you.

Reiki for relaxation

Deborah always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her voice is soothing when she is talking you into a relaxed state. A very pleasant relaxing experience.

Hypnotherapy for stress relief

Just had to let you know, after leaving you after my first hypnotherapy session I managed to do parallel parking (between 2 cars) 2 reversing round corners and a 3 point turn, you’ve really worked wonders so far, even my husband can’t believe the difference.

Hypnotherapy for passing your driving test

When I came in I was wound up. Stressed out. After five minutes I gradually relaxed. Afterwards I felt a lot better. I felt totally calm inside. Felt calm and back to my old self again.

Hypnotherapy for depression